Catalog La Redoute Summer Shoes and Bags 2012

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Catalog For La Redoute Summer Shoes and Bags 2012

La Redoute us for the summer season 2012 a catalog of handbags and shoes where the main protagonist is the color, and that this time away roundly collection of colors that can typically be found in both bags as shoes go for a palette much more cheerful and lively, within which distinguish the green-turquoise, reds and purple.

So if what we wanted were proposed to fit our style and accompanying sets modern look, it is clear that the proposals that give life to this catalog are really ideal. Since they are able to give a boost to the more discreet and neutral sets.

As for the bags you can see how most of the work is done by the colors chosen, since the lines can be seen completely straight and simple, with no more detail than some strategically placed close.

While on the stand shoe buckles and holes adding flavor to classic designs heel.

All proposals that are possessing great flexibility, so that we can take both day to day as well as joint holders to accompany greater elegance and sophistication.


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