Clothing Stradivarius Summer 2012

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Clothing Stradivarius Summer 2012

Many believe that to think of clothing with flowers when spring comes summer season, is not original, but fortunately many others still believe that flowers and clothing, are more than a trend, are a way of being, feeling and thinking. And Stradivarius has wanted to put this through a wide range of summer clothing, which will be available in this 2012.
The flowers represent many things, but the most important is the clothes comfortable used also simple, winter is over and now it's time to enter the beautiful summer, time to go to the Park, beach, and is taking a vacation. Color flowers convey the joy that one feels this time, enjoy the freshness and naturalness that is inherent, as we escape from daily routine.

As we see in the cover, no pledge to save a magnificent flower print, but first of all, we wanted to highlight sundresses, short skirts or intermediate, as will the "muse of summer" for its sensuality , comfort and appeal that generates the opposite sex.
If you do not want to wear dresses, skirts may choose the style Hawaiian or for the night, a cigarette in floral prints with new, seeking to demonstrate that there are always new ideas, designs and colors to combine.
Finally, if you want to innovate, the shirts are probably the least garment where we usually find floral designs and now will be the most attractive.
Therefore, if you want to give some color to your wardrobe, remember that flowers are always something new to surprise us.


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