H & M Summer Catalog 2012

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H & M Summer Catalog 2012

While some brands are responsible for following the main trends of recent times, or vaticinarse to other trends, there are stores like H & M that impose them. Clear example of this is the H & MSummer 2012 catalog 2012, where they suggest many options, seeking to get into our locker room, not out.

What characterizes this line on time, the elegance is marked by modern and simple clothes, but all along a segment clearly formal, with little let informality, subtly placed in any of the items that generate the sets.
It distinguishes a casual segment for women, based on fresh and baggy pants, along with shirts and platform shoes. It will be a typical outfit for the day to day, where comfort and convenience is paramount.
One of the most striking trends are looking to launch, is the medium pantsuits, where her blouse and blazer are the same as always, but the pants, you see, is set up above the knee.
If you opt for something modern but classic at the same time, then long skirts at the waist and skinny, you can find in sets with very bright combinations of colors, metallic fabrics and gaudy, as well as materials and textures as varied.
But if we speak out at night and you think to capture everyone's attention, because then you have two options, a group of typical black ensembles, like this cover or below. Or something intense, sexy and striking, as the final dress in light green.


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