Women's Wear Winter 2013 in Balmain

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Women's Wear Winter 2013 in Balmain

It is a fact for all that fashion never sleeps, and that fails to start a season when we are being bombarded with collections for next season, but it is also true that we have become accustomed to it and even enjoyed it, so today we wanted to present for the winter season 2013 the new womenswear collection of the prestigious Balmain.
Which presents a huge variety of other proposals for stylish and functional, as we face preppy clothes and possessing an enormous elegance and warm versatile materials, as is the case of heavy fabrics.
Being one of the most repeated details in the collection of embroidery with tiny pearls and crystals, as can be seen in the vast majority of the proposals.
On the other hand velvet, also comes in several times to put their special flavor in both pants and blazers, which allow us to make sets elegant and sophisticated.

Another major stakes of the firm were square shoulders, as could be seen on blouses, dresses, blazers and jackets, all very broad outline as well. Complemented perfectly with skinny pants and skirts guy had.

You see this is a collection to avoid boredom, as it comes to give dynamism to the coldest season of the year, through the seal of creativity and good taste that is so characteristic of the firm.


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