Uterque Shoes Summer 2012

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Uterque Shoes Summer 2012

The first signs of heat are felt in several regions of the country, which is the threshold which is usually happen before summer arrives. As a result of this is that we wanted to make a small passage through which the catalog will Uterque shoes for spring summer 2012.
And something that is not necessary to clarify, as you will see below, is the fact that the brand has created a very versatile line, focused on covering everyone, regardless of style or old you are. Anyway on the cover, we show some of the most striking trends that combine fashion colors with pattern searches.

A large amount of heels you can find some other type sandal and shoe type, varying colors, materials, designs and of course the heel itself, which can be found from very fine to platforms.

But not everything is life or party office, so you'll have to think about shoes for day to day, more relaxed, for beach, for use in a casual wave. Wicker models are a clear example.
Then we have low choicest slippers, ideal to combine with skirts and blouses, to take to work or to go to a party where then dancing in heels would be very uncomfortable.
Not everything is fashion, there are specific segments that do not follow any modern idea, but they always have their audience and is well respected. Here we show two clear examples, both sporting and formal.
Finally, one of the most sought after by young women and girls, is the sandal, with modern designs, some with flowers, some with rhinestones, but all with a common trend, which is being very fashionable.


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