Rome Summer Catalog 2012

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Rome Summer Catalog 2012

Not all collections are for girls of 20 years, who just want to display and use all those clothes that make them look extremely appealing and sexy, but there are other brands that target women and other age, but nevertheless also manage to highlight the charm of each, wearing elegant clothes and personality. This is the case of Summer 2012 catalog Point Rome.
Hand in hand with the wonderful Norma Duval, make most of us about trends in a gallery that is priceless and should be taken into account, if you want to achieve the right balance between femininity, comfort and elegance.

They are clothes with intensity, so fresh, expressed through light and soft fabrics, floral prints, polka dots small and the introduction of a modern navy, on trends in blouses and blazers.
A very large segment is dedicated to the work clothes that can be used for next summer, highlighting the tight pants, skirts stockings, to the waist, some segments in crochet and even a very discrete portion, distinguished designs focused on and fine, in animal print.
Then, for day to day to stay home or go for a walk with comfortable clothing, there's a more casual segment, which encompasses sports sets, jeans, baggy blouses and many other options.


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