Summer Catalog Amichi 2012

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Summer Catalog Amichi 2012

Today we present the catalog for the 2012 summer season Amichi signature, which though not so strongly has transcended borders, presents collections that are at the height of the most distinguished firms in the moment. And this season presents a collection that is divided into three super flattering and beautiful lines that run through different styles on one hand we find a collection like that reigned and dominated romantic details like lace, the other items we have more sophisticated and the latter presents a line dominated by the incredible ethnic style.
What we allow into one of the three lines all can find kits and accessories to be carried according to our taste and style, plus you can find clothes for different occasions.
Among the most romantic line as mentioned above we can find many vintage details that come through delicate lace and crochet, two elements in addition to being eternally flattering possess enormous popularity in fashion today. Which combines the beautiful look they have to offer to give us colors like blue, mauve, green and coral.
The most sophisticated line for his part, made a strong bid for the navy style, both through its unmistakable stripes which this time become blue, fuchsia, purple and green as well as fine prints through a mini stars .
And finally the most mystical and ethnic line collection pean commitment sober shades no less flattering, as is the case of earth tones, as well as strongly committed to the tissues more relaxed and shoes in leather with detail fringe.


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