Cortefiel Catalog Summer 2012

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Cortefiel Catalog Summer 2012

If there is a firm that understands of elegance and good taste that is no doubt, Cortefiel, since each of the collections that we have become more irresistible than the previous; for this reason and because we know that it is one of the firms that causes more expectation in his public is that today we wanted to present to you through some of the photos that give life to the catalog, his collection for the summer 2012 season.
Where as they will appreciate offered us proposals highly elegant, versatile and full of style for each one of the opportunities that arise as some can perfectly be chosen to see us pretty and feel comfortable in our casual outings or our comings to work and others by his side are ideal for events that we demand a greater formality to attend.
As you can see the collection in general it also incorporates some of the most important trends of this season, that will allow us and feel nice and comfortable to see according to the main fashion trends, which for many is of vital importance.
This is so we can find among the proposals a strong bet for colors like Tangerine Tango, color protagonist of the 2012 season, versatile patterned pants, blazers, pants and skirts more around the waist, dresses that incorporate large pockets and the ubiquitous presence of the maxi dresses, that latter this season begin to regain the popularity they had lost previous seasons.


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