Vans Shoes Summer 2012

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Vans Shoes Summer 2012

Vans has put forward for the summer 2012 and on the occasion of this event, which all look forward to, has launched its new collection of shoes, ideal for the warmer season of the year, both because it is light, fresh, as well as colorful and cheerful prints.
In these first two images, we wanted to share two very different models, aimed at very different times, but both pass in everyday life, and more in summer. The former are a sort of cheerful beach slipper and intense, while you two, have a stop Navy, ideal to use a more functional footwear during the day.

Following this trend, the shoes can be seen below, where plaid patterns are incorporated. Otherwise, you can opt for the floral patterns that will have your audience this season.
Then we jump to a segment of simple sneakers, retro designs, but modern colors, in keeping with the trends followed in the summer. You can find the first option a little cooler or the second, and with a little more body.
Finally, if you want to wear something flashy, but even more discreet than many previous models, because then you could opt for black sequins or animal print model.


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