Fashion Colors 2012

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Fashion Colors 2012

As new to anyone is not every new season is governed by new trends in fashion, affecting not only designs, cuts and textures but also has an important impact on the colors, and is for this reason that today we wanted to dedicate this post exclusively to the colors that will enjoy greater popularity in the 2012 fashion.

Which as you can see through the pictures presented this season stand out mainly due to be super bright and intense. That they can be appreciated giving life to the most outstanding collections of main gurus of the current fashion.
  • Orange or tangerine tango :

This color is the main colors 2012 fashion that most excels, as it can be seen everywhere flooding collections and stained glass Windows. And it has the property of being very flattering in people of all ages, making for everyone in the best way to make a strong injection of vitality to our sets.
  • Purple :
The shades of purple across its wide range reach this season also star in all kinds of clothing, that they have to reconcile ownership with all colors possible complexion, hair and eye color.
  • Electric Blue :
This color as well as being extremely flattering is one of the most versatile fashion 2012 presents.
  • Peach :
This key is without a doubt one of the more soft and feminine than the 2012 fashion offers, but not why it is less flattering, which has the property of being sophisticated and elegant both in our sets of casual look as well as in those more formal.
  • Bluish Green :
This key is one of the most innovative of the season, that was quite withdrawal the podium with the fashion, but is another key that has really a lot to offer, that is very well also in people of all ages and of all possible complexion, hair and eye colors.
  • Yellow :
This color with orange tango are the colors the 2012 season, star that can be seen also in all collections, catwalks and stained glass, in its wide possibility of tones, although we can see that the yellow mustard is one of the formulas winners.
  •  Venice Red :
This color also takes center stage this season in countless deprendas and recommended mainly in combination with black


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