Mustang Summer Catalog 2012

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Mustang Summer Catalog 2012

Many times it is common to find collections in which trends are bounded and focus on a few ideas and leave closed for any reason, the same. At other times, we are pleased to meet summer catalog as the 2012 Mustang, which seems made for all women, since there is an option for every one of us.
These first choices do not want to steal the spotlight, but if you show a small segment of the brand, focusing on an elegant bearing, happy to look the best, the finest, fresh, but also complement it with a touch of rusticity, which given character.

And so enjoyed the first part, heels and platforms focused on wood, jute, leather and a variety of printed fabrics with colorful shapes and designs very happy.

Then enter the segment sought by young women today. Here you can find, without fear of error, the design you want. So many options, ideas, materials, colors, finishes, among many other things to highlight them, we could talk only of them.
Then the classic sneakers like "ballet", which focus on a profile delicate, feminine, simple but elegant bearing on everything.
And for the last four models that show here, for each draw their own conclusions, some may seem dated, but others, in our view, are true works of art.


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