Trendy Spring Summer 2013

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Trendy Spring Summer 2013

If you are an independent designer and is in the advanced search trends for next year, or just want to give a new look to your wardrobe, looking at what's to come, then he should take a look at the colors spring summer fashion 2013.

We begin with the typical trends of summer bright colors garish, gaudy, or demonstrate that seek to emphasize the mood, that most have in the warmer months. Among them are the bright orange, pink peony and pink "Gerber Daisy", paler and smooth.
Then within vintage trends that are so fashionable nowadays, you can separate two other colors very characteristic of the style, such as calcite and green jade.
For women seeking options character darker, olive and blue "Ink" will be two options with personality, ideal for use at parties at night.
The chic segment will be focused on skin tones, as they could be nude or Coppertone.
Finally, if you feel good about yourself and it feels beautiful, it must then use the color characteristic of these people, which is the yellow "Lemon Drop", a totally smooth, delicate, romantic and above all, very female .


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