Colin Farrell Lands in Rio to Promote "Total Recall" » Gossip

Colin Farrell Lands in Rio to Promote 'Total Recall' » Gossip | Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Lands in Rio to Promote "Total Recall" » Gossip - Promoting his newest film, Colin Farrell touched down at Rio de Janeiro International Airport in Brazil today (July 11th).

The Irish actor looked rather rugged in his jean jacket, dark jeans, and gray sleeveless shirt that showed off his arm tattoos.

On August 3rd, you can see the "Minority Report" star in the reboot of "Total Recall" in which he portrays a factory worker named Douglas Quaid who decides to try out a procedure where his dreams would be turned into real memories, all made possible by the company Rekall. The procedure goes terribly wrong and Quaid finds himself on the run from the police.

Columbia Pictures released a new clip of the movie today featuring a scene where Farrell's character begins to undergo the memory procedure, only for it to be suddenly interrupted.

An internationally released poster accompanies the new clip, featuring the scruffy star and his femme fatale co-stars, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel.

Watch the clip below!


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