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Jeweler Robert Procop Gushes About Brad & Angelina's Love » Gossip | Angelina Jolie
Robert Procop & Angelina Jolie

Jeweler Robert Procop Gushes About Brad & Angelina's Love » Gossip - Showing support for two of his best customers, jeweler Robert Procop spoke about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship at an event celebrating his self-titled Exceptional Jewels at the Grand in the South of France.

The longtime friend of the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" actors told Us Weekly, "They always knew they'd be together forever and get married one day, right from the start." The jeweler to the stars is currently working with the 37-year-old actress on her "Style of Jolie" collection, whose proceeds will go to her foundation Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

Procop talked about how their romance has progressed since 2004, saying, "The relationship may have been all flying planes and riding motorcycles at the start, but any new relationship is exciting that way. Now though, they've settled into this wonderfully strong family unit and it's beautiful how in love they are."

Brangelina frequently express their love through jewelery, it seems. Robert explained two of the custom pieces he designed for the power couple.

"Angelina came to me six years ago to create a pendant for Brad as a present. She's very clever and had this idea that it would be like an ancient tablet, and she researched it looking at old Chinese and Egyptian scripts . . . [it] has a love letter from him to her inscribed on it."

The engagement ring the "Fight Club" actor chose for his soon-to-be bride ended up weighing in at an estimated 16-carats, with an emerald-cut diamond whose worth nears $500,000.

The trusted tradesman, however, wouldn't give details about the couple's wedding bands.


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