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Mischa Barton Slams 'Stalking & Invasive' Paparazzi » Gossip | Mischa Barton
 Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton Slams "Stalking & Invasive" Paparazzi » Gossip - A constant complaint from celebrities is the pesky paparazzi and Mischa Barton is the latest star to suffer their wrath.

On Thursday (July 26), the former "O.C." starlet took to her Twitter page to vent about a recent incident, writing, "Thanks a lot to the photographer who decided to let the air out [our] tires and watch us pump them back up."

After the unsettling incident, the 26-year-old star tweeted her general frustrations explaining, "Haven't been so upset about paparazzi pictures online in a long time, It's stalking and beyond invasive when you don't know someone's there blatantly watching your private moments, it brought me to tears."

Miss Barton wasn't finished and completed her vent session by penning, "It's not even when I'm in a fabulous outfit or doing something interesting. It's when I'm swimming with my man on a secluded beach, srry for my rant it's just u come to a piece of heaven like Formentera and even here I can't swim in the sea :( very sad face."

Clearly this isn't the only celeb that has issues with the pesky photographers. As previously reported by GossipCenter, Halle Berry has talked about moving out of the States to a country with stricter privacy laws, while Justin Bieber has recently faced a "crazed" photographer that was recently charged in court for his invasive acts.


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