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 Justin Bieber and Drake Bell

Is Justin Bieber Beefing With Drake Bell? » Gossip - Though most of them have endured hours of chipper media training, former teen stars don't always play nice.

Ex-Nickelodeon star Drake Bell is fielding some extremely angry tweets from Justin Bieber fans these days thanks to some off-color remarks he made about both the Biebs and his beloved Beliebers. The former Drake & Josh star appears to be enjoying the attention, too, as he continues to make fun of his detractors' spelling and grammar.

It all started several weeks ago, when prissy tweets from Bell's official account landed him in hot water with pop star Katy Perry. On July 2, his timeline featured jabs at Perry's 3-D concert film Part of Me, among them, "@katyperry these biography movies about artists who have been in the market place for 5 years in ridiculous!!!"

After Perry responded to Bell's tweet with "Never thought I would categorize u as another uneducated hater, especially since we have many mutual friends and coworkers. Smooth," he claimed his account had been hacked. Uh huh. The convenience is pretty epic, here.

Instead of backing away from the scandal, however, Bell then took a swipe at another pop star by tweeting, "I wouldn't randomly bash @katyperry....bieber however lol."

Naturally, dedicated Beliebers took this tweet as a war cry and barraged Bell with angry tweets, some of which reportedly included threats and pictures of knives (those girls don't mess around). On Monday, weeks after the initial tweet, Bell tweeted, "I used to worry about being a good role model and not using profanity in my media but obviously if this is how bieber fans act...."

Justin, for his part, shrugged off the entire affair. On Monday evening, he tweeted, "Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid. really."


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