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Emily Maynard: Rejected on The Bachelorette Finale?! » Gossip - As the Emily Maynard rumor mill turns …

According to a tabloid report, The Bachelorette star herself was shot down on the finale by one of her two remaining hopefuls, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Jef Holm.

If that's true, which we doubt, it would make her choice a lot easier!

Emily Maynard: Rejected on The Bachelorette Finale?! » Gossip | Emily Maynard
 Emily Maynard

In Touch "reveals" (i.e. fabricates) today that the man who proposes to Emily Maynard on the season finale Sunday, July 22, was not her first choice.

“He won by default,” an insider spills. Supposedly.

The man who captured Emily’s heart rejected her at the penultimate hour, according to the insider, in an emotional scene filmed for The Bachelorette season finale.

Emily was enjoying a date with one of her final two candidates - read The Bachelorette spoilers to see who wins - when he got a sudden case of cold feet.

“He said, ‘I don’t think we know each other nearly enough to even be entertaining this; I don’t think we should get engaged,’” says the insider.

“She was crying and begging him to reconsider,” says the insider, who says the single mom even blurted out, “You’re the one I want to pick!”

This bombshell revelation, which would run contrary to everything he's said so far, is allegedly followed by her dream man walking off for good.

Whether viewers will get to watch this shocking twist play out on air is still uncertain - convenient, as this story may be BS. Also convenient?

Despite being ditched by her dream man in stunning fashion, Emily is now happily engaged and living with the other finalist this season.

Whatever works ... for her and good celebrity gossip.

Regardless of whether any of this is true, who do you think is a better fit for her, Arie Luyendyk Jr. or Jef Holm?


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