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Famous Fashion Trends To Copy

One way to know the latest fashion trends is watching the look of the famous, except for the worst-dressed, of course!

As a live appearance, celebrities usually surround themselves with the most exclusive designers, have money to buy clothes from the most distinguished brands and, last but not least, the vast majority have a personal image consultant. So actresses, models, singers and television conductive trend being imposed everywhere.

Today we show you some of the famous fashion trends worth imitating in any season.

Tube dresses ... Orange!

I love tube dresses, are elegant, sophisticated yet sensual because its design is adhered to the silhouette. The classic of classics is a black tube dress. However, celebrities like Eva Longoria and Lea Michele have encouraged one of the most feared colors when we dress: orange!

I honestly never would have chosen a dress of that color, but I must confess that I have both looks dazed. Let's encourage! With a soft bed, shoes and accessories-neutral colors like white or nude, for example, have all to be divine.

Oxford Shoes or Brogues Metallic

The Oxford model is one of the trends in shoes fall winter 2012. Celebrities have taken an interesting variant of the traditional oxford shoe leather color: metallic ones. Jennifer Hudson has used a copper-colored design and Emma Stone in a bronze tone.

Blazer with Double Push Button

The blazer is the most in this season, classic, colors, prints, long, short, etc.. Welcome them! One of the designs that have seen enough in the famous double blazer is the military-style keypad, like the Jennifer Aniston wore a very casual look and Jessica Alba in a style a bit more sober.

Black and White Shoes

I like this trend! Julianne Hough opted for the white on the top of the shoe, while Kristen Stewart chose a model of white soles. Be the style that is, black and white shoes perfectly complement a little black or white little dress, for example. Both famous achieved the perfect balance with these shoes.

Short Jeans With Flat Shoes

Who said that jean shorts were invented to go to the beach? Well we can use them during a summer day in the middle of town. To combine them you can use a nice shirt or shirt and a pair of printed ballerinas. ¿Heels with shorts? Only for that we were little!

Leather Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt and leather, always present. Malin Akerman and Kerry Washington, we show that this must-have garment serves two very different cases: first, Mailin has combined with a muscular printed and sandals, perfect for a party, while Kerry blouse, belt and black heels is perfect for a business event.

Pants to Moon
The moon always seemed a fun and well stamped female although I never wear it in your pants! Emma Roberts and Taylor Swift are two clear examples of how versatile pants can be the moon, Emma, ​​has combined with a loose shirt, bag and flat sandals crusader, while Taylor with a shirt and moccasins.

Combine Fuchsia and Orange

If you iMujer reader should know that while neon shades are installed in the fashion world. Here are two interesting options of combining two bright colors well, like fuchsia and orange: Kim Kardashian, with a cheerful orange attire of jeans, white shirt and pink blazer, and Jessica Stroup, with an asymmetrical dress in both colors.

On what occasion would you encourage you to look you so strident tones ?
These were some of the latest fashion trends seen in the famous look. Did you like? You can follow spying more in our section: Look for celebrities. Do not miss it!


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