Georgia Salpa Heats Up FHM August 2012 » Gossip

Georgia Salpa Heats Up FHM August 2012 » Gossip | Georgia Salpa

Georgia Salpa Heats Up FHM August 2012 » Gossip - Showing off her sexy self for the world to see, Georgia Salpa was picked to adorn the cover of the August 2012 issue of FHM magazine.

The 27-year-old actress looked sizzling hot in a bright yellow string bikini on the publication's front page while dishing about everything from what she looks for in a potential suitor to her passion for festivals.

Highlights from Miss Salpa's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to FHM!

On Greek and Italian men being more forward than British fellas:
"Greek men are a million times more forward. Even if I was walking around with a boyfriend in Greece, the men will just come up to you or scream out the windows at you, whereas here people are a bit more subtle. The Greeks and the Italians are the most horny: 24/7."

On what she looks for in a potential suitor:
"Guys always attract my attention when they wear nice clothes and they make an effort. Socks and flip-flops is a no-go. I like smarter, tailored shorts and a nice T-shirt or polo shirt."

On garnering fifth place on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list:
"It was a big surprise. When you’re growing up, everyone looks at the 100 Sexiest to see who’s in it, even the girls, so I’m really happy to come fifth."

On being a big fan of festivals:
"We wanted to go to Glastonbury this year but it’s not on, so we’ll go next year. I went to one in Ireland called Electric Picnic – it’s Glastonbury style, but obviously way smaller. We got a camper van and did it up all pretty, only we didn’t realise that none of us could drive it. We made one of our friends drive, and before we left Dublin, she drove into a bridge. When we finally got it out, the bridge had taken the whole roof off the van. We had to pay all the damages but we had the best weekend."


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