Holiday Bows Step

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Holiday Bows Step

we have an outing with friends, a cousin's birthday party or New Year with our colleagues. You choose the dress, the shoes we have, we think the makeup ... But one thing we are missing : the hair! As women, we know that the choice of hairstyle is difficult, so we have prepared a special video that teaches you how to make bows party step by step.

The hair bows are perfect for an evening event. Also, a great idea for when it starts to get hot and bothered us wear your hair loose. Following the instructions unique learn to make a nice, fast and simple bun.Have no need to go to the hairdresser!

Step by step :


Become a ponytail.


Take an old sock or mean you no longer use and cuts the pointer.


Roll it until it is shaped like a donut. You can use one or two means, depending on the thickness you want.


Pass the hair through the donut. Cover with the hair.


Fitted with a rubber band.


Wrap the remaining hair around the rubber band as cover. Adjust them with forks to comb. You can also apply fixative spray so that the bow is securely locked and disarm you in the middle of the party !

Ready! Make a festive bow was easier than we imagined. In a matter of minutes and you're ready to go.

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