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Janet Jackson Slapped Paris Jackson » Gossip - Yesterday I told you about the allegations an attorney representing Michael Jackson’s three kids, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. The attorney claimed Janet Jackson, along with her brothers Randy and Jermaine, “ambushed” the three kids and tried to take their cell phones. This new story claims the altercation got even more heated when Janet supposedly SLAPPED Paris.

When the kids refused to leave with them, Janet reportedly called Paris “a spoiled little b*tch” and slapped her. Paris allegedly retailed by slapping Janet back and saying: ”This is our house, not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out.” OMG!

Katherine Jackson’s nephew, Trent, also reportedly put Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth in an effort to keep them from taking the kids. All of this is said to have occurred in front of Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. Paris explained a little on twitter:

a lot of ppl have been saying that i “changed” …i wanna apologize for the attitude… there’s just a lot going on… i promise: the ego = gone(:

Executors of the estate are said to have moved the kids to a “secure location” for their safety as they try to get them a new temporary guardian since Katherine Jackson cannot be reached. This is SO sad. And out of all the Jacksons, I’m shocked by Janet’s involvement!


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