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Lea Michele Responds To ‘Glee’ Emmy Snub » Gossip | Lea Michele
 Lea Michele

Lea Michele Responds To ‘Glee’ Emmy Snub » Gossip - The Emmy nominations for 2012 were announced yesterday. Cable shows pretty much swept (‘Mad Men’ and ‘American Horror Story’ got 17 nominations each), leaving crumbs for the network shows. One show that people thought got snubbed was ‘Glee.’ It only got three nominations. So what did ‘Glee‘ star Lea Michele tell E! News about it?

“I think there are so many incredible shows out right now. I am a huge fan ofGirls and the fact that Lena [Dunham] got nominated and the show got nominated is amazing. There’s some really great stuff out there right now, so I feel like this is just the natural progression of things.

“I’m very proud of our last season. I think it was one of our best seasons ever.”

Talk about a class-act response! Lea clearly isn’t letting the Emmy snubs get her down. Did you think ‘Glee’ deserved more nominations? I know it was incredibly popular when it first premiered, but I’ve heard more than a few people say the show’s first season was its best. Full disclaimer: I haven’t watched ‘Glee,’ so I can’t say one way or the other! Do you think ‘Glee’ was snubbed this year?


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