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Madonna Sued Over 1990's Hit 'Vogue' » Gossip - Getting in some quality family time during her hectic schedule, Madonna was spotted leaving the Ritz hotel with her children Lourdes and Rocco in Paris, France on Saturday (July 14).

The "Like A Virgin" songstress kept her ensemble casual in sweats and an Adidas hat while her kids followed closely behind. The 53-year-old songstress is currently in the City of Lights to perform at Stade de France tonight as part of her international 'MDNA' tour.

In other news, it looks like the iconic singer has found herself in the middle of a legal battle. According to a report put out by E! News today, the Delaware based company, VMG, filed a suit against the Madonna and her former record label WB records on Wednesday, claiming that the pop icon's 1990's hit "Vogue" included portions of a composition called "Love Break."

According to the legal details, VMG claims, "The portions of 'Love Break', which have been copied into 'Vogue' and all its various "mixes," "remixes" videos, YouTube versions, etc. are numerous but intentionally hidden. The horn and strings in 'Vogue' are intentionally sampled from 'Love Break' throughout."

A previous employee of VMG is also mentioned in the suit, music producer Richard "Shep" Pettibone, who the company claims was originally hired to do remixes of "Love Break" and ended up later being a part of "Vogue." The claim specifically points out that it is believed Pettibone, "intentionally disguised the sampling he did in ‘Vogue.'"

So what caused such a long delay in the filing? According to VMG, they could only prove their claim after new technology was available, claiming,"The unauthorized sampling was deliberately hidden by [Madonna] within "Vogue" so as to avoid detection. It was only when the company specifically looked for the sample, with the technology available to it in 2011 that the sampling could be confirmed."

Aside from the present legal documents, VMG also says that they gave notice of the copyright infringement twice before; once in July 2011 and again in February 2012.

At this point, Madonna's rep has not commented on the report, but VMG is seeking damages "in addition to [Madonna's] profits that are attributable to the copyrighted material."


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