Octomom Sued For Bailing on Strip Club Gig » Gossip

Octomom Sued For Bailing on Strip Club Gig » Gossip | Octomom Nadya Suleman

Octomom Sued For Bailing on Strip Club Gig » Gossip - In the wake of Octomom Nadya Suleman's call to not show any T&A in their club, T's Lounge is suing her to form she positive she does not take her assets elsewhere.

T's Lounge needs a minimum of $15,000 for the difficulty of hiring, then losing, Nadya Suleman to rival Playboy Gentleman's Club in Hollywood, Fla., that secured her "services" when she unceremoniously bailed on T's last month.

The true damages are "unascertainable," the suit laments ... however $15K can do it.

Octomom bailed on the gig amid trash speak from T's strippers, she says. The club denies this, however says regardless, she cannot strip within the space for a minimum of ninety days.

Also, per the lawsuit, her contract stipulated that she required to provide thirty five days' notice if she supposed to cancel, which she solely gave them thirty four before pulling out.

"It suggests that most to be the primary one to induce her," T's owner Gary Odle said to the Palm Beach Post. "With this type of factor, you've got to be 1st out of the box."

Probably Wicked Pictures' rationale for fast-tracking the Octomom porn film.

Barring a judge's intervention, hornballs/gawkers will still visit the Playboy Gentleman's Club on Friday to "see Octomom take it off," or thus their ads say.

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