Smart Reviews From Stupid Celebrities: “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman is Back! » Gossip

Smart Reviews From Stupid Celebrities: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Batman is Back! » Gossip
 “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman is Back!

Smart Reviews From Stupid Celebrities: “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman is Back! » Gossip - Before I even stepped foot into the screening, I’ve already heard a lot of buzz about this film. I’ve heard words like awesome, amazing, intense and “Oscar-worthy?!” I think I may have to agree but maybe not so much “Oscar-worthy.”

Christopher Nolan did a fantastic job with “The Dark Knight Rises,” indeed he did! The film was full of action. I didn’t even feel like I sat in the theater for more than two hours. “The Dark Knight Rises” was executed seamlessly. It surely lived up to the “The Dark Knight.” I have never watched a film that made incredible use of silence. There was a fight scene between Batman and the “warlord,” all I heard was the punches. It was beautiful and raw. It felt like a real life smack down. I never thought I would appreciate that in an action film. Most action films consist of loud booming audio. Oh, believe me; this movie is not short of that at all.

I’ve never seen Batman (Christian Bale) beat up so badly by the “bad guy.” It made him look so human. But it was his recovery that made me flinch in my seat. In this installment of “The Dark Knight,” Batman raced to save Gotham from a nuclear disaster. Bane (Tom Hardy) was the so-called “bad guy” who took Gotham hostage and nearly annihilated it. But it was the mastermind who turned out to be the unlikely antagonist. I was blindsided! I’m not going to ruin it for you.

Ok, here it goes, I have a complaint to file. The “bad guy” Bane had a bit of a speech problem. He wore a mask of some sort and I could barely understand the man. Can I please have some subtitles? Maybe I just need to get my hearing checked. While I’m complaining, I might as well also mention that Anne Hathaway was not my first pick as Catwoman. She didn’t know the first thing about seduction. Did someone forget to call Mila Kunis perhaps? She might have been a better fit. But I have to give it to Anne Hathaway, she owned the Cat suit!

There was one unexpected surprise in the movie and it got me super excited! It led me to believe that there might be more to come! This is a spoiler alert, you’ve been warned! You know Batman’s sidekick? Robin? He was revealed in the end of the movie. I didn’t see that one coming at all.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20. It’s a can’t miss! It lived up to the hype!


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