Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Negotiations Continue » Gossip

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Negotiations Continue » Gossip | Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Negotiations Continue » Gossip - Here’s Katie Holmes leaving her attorneys’ offices yesterday afternoon after spending six hours there. It sounds like the settlement talks between Katie and Tom Cruise are definitely ongoing (in an effort to avoid a divorce hearing in court). Six hours- goodness! One source tells People:

“[Tom] doesn’t want his family dragged through the mud. They both love their daughter.”

A source says Tom may be willing to agree with the idea that Suri lives primarily with Katie, but “There’s no world where Tom won’t be seeing Suri.” I’m guessing the sticking point may be whether or not Tom has to keep Suri away from Scientology or can expose her to the group’s practices.

A family law attorney who is not involved in the case told People:

“I’m sure Tom Cruise’s attorneys are doing all they can behind the scenes to negotiate with Katie’s side to calm the situation. Ultimately, neither side would want a messy public case to avoid bringing emotional harm to their daughter. Don’t be surprised if Katie quietly retracts her divorce filing and they eventually agree to an amicable divorce and settlement.”

It sounds like they really are working hard to reach a settlement. Hopefully they’ll be successful for Suri’s sake. It’s hard enough for your parents to split without having to deal with the fallout from a bitter custody battle.


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