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Trends Animal Print In Summer 2012

We bet: animal print is not going to happen fashion. This spectacular stamp - one of my favorites - is one of the trends that, as it is said, is here to stay. Is a style sexy, wild, with personality and that we must learn to use as fair; animal print can be very elegant and sophisticated if you are well combined, but also disastrous if we abuse.

One of the best seasons for animal print dress is the warmth of the summer. Do you want to know how? Here I propose some of my ideas to use the animal print trend in summer.

Join this fashion! And if in your country yet for the summer, save these tips: in a blink of an eye you'll already be on.

Bathing Suits

If we say summer, we say Sun, sand and sea. The beach is one of the most recurring scenarios of summer vacation; and if we take animal fashion print? Stamped on Leopard or Zebra bikinis is one of the latest trends in the prestigious brand Victoria's Secret swimwear. Very, very sexy!


Skirts are a must have for the summer garments. It takes to show off this trend in them! Here we see a very interesting option: a miniskirt in Leopard with muscular (sleeveless shirt) and black sandals, portfolio in shades of chocolate and a grey cardigan and coat.

Rain Clothing

As the summer is not free from storms... do about this trend in the rain clothes we wear? We can give you joy and style to the rainy days with a little animal print in our essential accessories, such as umbrellas and rain boots. I already own the mine!

Blouse With Skirt

An animal print skirt with blouse is a perfect look for a way out at night in summer. From what color skirt? While merge prints is fashionable, especially in the summer season where we use colorful and many flowers, ideally always be safe and combine the animal print with a solid color. My preferred combination? Animal print with red, grey or black

Look at how beautiful the picture is Monica Sors of MesVoyagesaParis with Mango leopard blouse and red skirt Forever 21, along with some animal print TopShop botinetas: spectacular!


Here is another very cute look for both night and for the day: a shirt sleeve animal print three-quarters of Zara combined with yellow pants. Is not it fantastic? As Annabelle did Fleur de VivaLuxury, shoes and accessories used to be the black camel color combination for a harmonious summer.


Remember that when it comes to fashion, less is more: no need to dress from head to toe by combining a similar trend to that look. Otherwise, sometimes seen more in the details. A great way to take advantage of the animal print is over heels, never go unnoticed. How about this pair of Christian Louboutin?No words!

These were my suggestions for using the animal print in summer. Have any other ideas to add ?


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